What is CNC Routing?

A CNC router is a type of computer controlled machine created for milling, drilling and cutting materials. CNC routers are similar to milling machines. The main functions are to cut, engrave and carve objects out of materials. By introducing computer control to the process, the number of errors is drastically reduced.

CNC router
CNC Cut Aluminium

How does CNC routing work?

In their most basic form, a CNC router consists of four components, the cutting bed, the spindle, the drive system and the controller.

The cutting bed supports the material while it’s being cut. The spindle is the part which does all the cutting. The drive system is essentially an arm which connects to the spindle allowing it to move in three directions whilst the controller tells the arm which direction to move the spindle.

On most CNC routers the drive system allows the spindle move and cut in 3 directions along the X, Y and Z axis. The X axis runs from right to left, the Y axis runs left to right and the Z axis runs up and down.

CNC cut solid oak signage

The key feature of a CNC router is the computer control, which moves, rotates and spins tools according to a CAM program which can be created automatically using software. This software transforms a digital CAD file into a set of instructions for the machine to use. This essentially allows the machine to cut shapes quicker and more accurately than a machine operated by a human.

About our CNC services

From our dedicated workshop in East Kilbride we house two 3-axis CNC routers as well as a laser cutter.  Our large CNC router has a 7.5 hp spindle and is capable of moving at cutting speeds of up to 20,000mm a minute meaning that processing times are kept to a minimum. Because of this fast cutting speed there are reduced lead times, fast product turnaround and reduced end cost.

Modern software means we are able to nest products quickly and efficiently because this minimises any product wastage we are able to control the cost to the client.  All of our useable waste is kept and utilised, any unusable waste is converted to flooring products and biomass fuel

To find out more about the CNC services we offer just click here.

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