Why choose S.I.D. CNC Projects?

Precision CNC Routing

We have been a cnc company since 2013. We have been involved in CNC routing for various industries that have required router cutting of sub millimetre precision engineered products.  From a dedicated workshop in East Kilbride we house two 3-axis CNC routers as well as a laser cutter.  

Utilising Autodesk Software we have the ability to import CAD data from any source and the ability to design products in house. Clients are never disappointed because we have the tools to manufacture any workpiece with pinpoint accuracy giving a precise fit and finish every time.  Our CNC machines have a maximum size of 3030mm x 2000mm

CNC router cutting offers the ability to manufacture multiple parts accurately and quickly at a reasonable cost.  

  • Large 3-Axis Machine
  • Import from any CAD system
  • Sub-millimetre Precision
  • Intricate Laser cutting

  • Birch Ply
  • MDF & Valchromat
  • Hard/Softwood
  • Plastics
  • Modelboard
  • Foam
  • ACM
  • Aluminium

Quality Materials for CNC Routing

We have a wealth of experience as a CNC company with all sorts of materials manufacturing everything from flat cut lettering to large aluminium signs because we built our business working in the sign industry.  Over the years we have become more and more involved in the production of engineered timber structures including glamping pods, home offices and garden rooms, exhibition stands etc.

Our years of experience with multiple products gives us the ability to work with most non ferrous materials including plastics, foams, engineered and non engineered timbers and because of our wealth off experience we pride ourselves on being able to run our machines at the maximum efficiency reducing machining times as well as cost.

CNC Routing Efficiency

Our large CNC router has a 7.5 hp spindle and is capable of moving at cutting speeds of up to 20,000mm a minute meaning that processing times are kept to a minimum and because of this fast cutting speed there are reduced lead times, fast product turnaround and reduced end cost.

Modern software means we are able to nest products quickly and efficiently because this minimises any product wastage we are able to control the cost to the client.  All of our useable waste is kept and utilised, any unusable waste is converted to flooring products and biomass fuel

CNC Routing
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Efficient Design Development
  • Material Optimisation
  • Advanced Nesting
  • Zero-Waste