• CNC MDF routing
  • CNC MDF routing
  • CNC MDF routing

We have been providing an expert CNC routing and drilling service for MDF to clients all over the UK for over 10 years.

We pride ourselves in being able to fulfil complex cnc routing projects in a timely manner at reasonable cost. Our goal is to provide an excellent service without breaking the bank. From the second you contact us to the minute we hand over your finished project we are committed to excellent customer service.

CNC routing, shaping and drilling

Over the years we have worked on a large number of products from clients across the uk that require CNC MDF routing. Whether its retail, trade or simply a one off for your home we have the skills and the machinery to complete the task.

Whether its a complex panel carving or simple cabinetry that you need produced quickly our service will not leave you disappointed.

CNC MDF routing

  • CNC MDF routing
  • CNC MDF routing
  • CNC MDF routing

CNC routing MDF

MDF is an extremely useful material for CNC routing, it’s inexpensive, flat, free from defects and machines beautifully. It comes pre-veneered, can be lacquered or painted and assembles easily. All of the above means it lends itself to  cabinet-making, retail displays, exhibition stands, display plinths, theatrical scenery and decorative furnishings such as doors and radiator covers.

Whatever the size or nature of your project we can produce it to your exact requirements.

Bespoke MDF fretwork panelling

Our MDF routing service allows for you to create bespoke Fretwork panelling for commercial and residential projects.

Perfect for perforated shaker style cabinet doors, bespoke radiator covers, bespoke fretwork mirrored doors and bespoke decorative MDF screens.

Find out how our Service can help you

Our fully equipped workshop is capable of completing every step of your project. From CAD / CAM work at the design phase through to the machining of your components we will not let you down.