Glamping – the luxurious version of camping

If you take “glamour” and combine it with “camping” you get “glamping” – the new way to enjoy camping experiences in a luxurious manner. A fantastic way to experience all the benefits of an outdoor holiday whilst enjoying a higher degree of comfort and safety.

Glamping is just the kind of holiday you need if you want to enjoy a bit of adventure but do not want to let go of all of the comfort provided by hotels, etc.

Luxury glamping at Doxford Farm

Over the past couple of years glamping has begun to provide something that traditional holidays can’t. glamping offers many location options all over the UK and you can choose from a wide range of pods, cabins and yurts, all offering the warmth and comfort that you are looking to enjoy during your break.

UK Winter holidays are much more achievable now that you can experience the feeling of camping and outdoors without having to compromise on your self comfort.

Luxury glamping at The Secret Garden
Luxury glamping at The Secret Garden

It’s never been easier get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the outdoors in comfortable conditions.

Here are a couple of options for some luxurious glamping breaks

Happy glamping!!

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